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Monday, May 15, 2006

Take That on tour!!!

Take That reunited!
amy with Take That in the background
the very gorgeous Jason Orange
the boys after their Beatles medley
when we first saw them!
piano gathering!
mobile phones instead of lighters!
very suave!

I've just got back from seeing Take That in concert and it was just amazing!okay,i know it's probably sad to admit I was a Take That fan,but i was,so there!i didn't get to see them in concert 'back in the day!' so I was thrilled to see them tonight!My absolutely wonderful little bro bought me the ticket for Christmas and I went along with his girlfriend,who is also a huge fan!

The night started off great as Beverley Knight was the support act,I didn't even know that she was going to be performing, I think she's brill so I was excited to see her.She has just got such an amazing voice!After a great performance from her we didn't have to wait too long before the boys came out - and the screaming started!I will admit that both amy and I got a wee bit emotional - ha ha!we were discussing afterwards that it was honestly like we were transported back to our early teens when we would have given anything to have seen them in concert,we were living our teenage dreams!

The show was just amazing,it was so well put together and pure entertainment.They played all their classics and we sang and danced and just had such a good night!They even walked through the crowd but unfortunately amy and i weren't in a section that was near to them.we did have amazing seats though and i attempted to take a few pics,they turned out a bit blurry as i had to use nightvision without a tripod but i think you can still tell it's them!

Poor gary barlow still can't dance but it was entertaining watching him try - bless him!wee mark owen is still as cute as ever,both howard and jason had the amazing bodies on show and their dance moves were great!robbie williams even made an appearance in the form of a hologram - ha ha!there was a show of fire for 'relight my fire' where beverley knight took lulu's role,then there was a rain show for 'back for good' where the boys got very wet and some of the crowd too!

During 'babe' instead of everyone waving their lighters,we caught up with the times and used our mobile phone lights instead - it worked really well!They finished with 'never forget' and it was just so good,the crowd got totally into it and it was a perfect end to a brilliant gig!

I really could talk about it all night,amy and I were as high as kites by the time it had finished!

I'm now proud to say that I've seen Take That in concert!!!woo hoo!!!


Anonymous Heather said...

You and Amy are two big eejits!haha aw im glad you both enjoyed it (also showing your age by the way!haha) Love ya xoxox

17 May, 2006 18:22

Blogger Linda said...

I was there too!! I've just discovered your blog and i'm trying to update myself on all your australia escapades instead of working :)
Take That were amazing, so amazing in fact that we went home and bought tickets for their dublin show!! just as good the second time around.
Anyway..i'll continue reading and maybe leave a comment later!
Linda xo

03 July, 2006 11:47


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