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Sunday, May 21, 2006

A little bit of Oz.

I had a little bit of a moment of feeling like I was back in Australia on Thursday night. First of all my cousin Lizzie brought me some Milo from Edinburgh!i was so excited,i haven't had it since I was in Oz and you can't get it here at all.Lizzie had to go to a South African shop in Edinburgh to find it - how good is she?!Milo is like that missing drink when you offer someone tea or coffee here,in Oz it was "tea,coffee or Milo?".It's kind of like hot chocolate but slightly different and the genius of it is that you can drink it hot or cold!Plus it's supposed to have vitamins and minerals in it so you don't feel so bad for drinking so much of it!I'm so glad Lizzie found it as I was seriously considering getting some shipped over from Oz!

Later the same night,Liz and I went to a huge church in Belfast to see Hillsong London. It was such a great night, it's part of what I love about church - the absolutely amazing music that's played now. It's not all old hymns and choruses that people think of when they think of church (although some of the old stuff is pretty cool too). Church is such an exciting place to be nowadays!It gave me some more Oz memories as I visited Hillsong while in Sydney and it was just awesome.


Anonymous Lizzie:) said...

Hillsong was awesome....milo was yummy...u r a loser for takin a photo of it...xox

22 May, 2006 19:15


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