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Monday, November 13, 2006

Big Jonny and wee Jonny!

This one's for you Jonny now that I know you read my blog! I love this pic.

Wee jonny!

This is wee Jonny who I now sponsor. More about sponsorship later!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

And it's finished!

The team at work!

We painted all of the inside and outside of the staff houses. We had to put a heap of coats on the walls and working in the heat meant that a tonne of water was consumed everyday!It was all good though,we made it as fun as we could and the ipod and speakers meant that there were some sing-songs too!The kids seemed fascinated by it and would stand and watch us throughout their breaktime (until some of us sneaked off to play with them!).

Friday, November 10, 2006

Before we started painting

This is what the staff houses looked like before we started painting. They are pretty new as they were only built in February of this year. Looking at it it could be the same size as houses we live in at the minute but there are 8 teachers living there. There is no electric or running water at the minute. They cherish their homes though and feel blessed to have them.

Distracting class!

Kiti kids

Here are some more of the kids from Kiti.They really are such awesome children,they have so little but are so happy and so willing to learn and have so much respect for their teachers etc. We had so much fun playing with them and a couple of us used to skive off painting and sneak into their classrooms to see them and hear them sing!it was just amazing!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Kiti Primary School

We started our first project at Kiti Primary School which was about an hours drive (depending on traffic!) from where we were staying. We were there to paint the staff houses as a number of staff actually live on the premises. Before we started working we had to obviously meet and play with the kids!!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Streets of Kampala

This is what we passed through everyday.It was shocking to see at first but we soon got used to it and you can see that it's just like a city high street with shops,markets,people buying their food for the day etc. There was the usual hustle and bustle just with the extra excitement of the madness of the traffic and people trying to cross the road without getting hit!I found it so fascinating and always enjoyed our journeys through the local streets. It really does show how poor the place is but it's inspiring to see people doing everything they can to keep businesses running,to try their best to earn some amount of money each day.

The traffic was just crazy,with the roads being so poor - there are potholes everywhere, and with no real rules of the road,it was just a case of going for it and trying to get through the mass of traffic!Where there probably should only have been 2 lanes of traffic there were usually about 4!We had a few "life flashing before our eyes" moments but it always added to the excitement of the trip!The drivers there seem to have it sussed though as we saw no accidents despite the madness of the driving, it seemed to be a skill!Another reason for driving with a 'careful craziness' is the fact that if you were to knock someone down and kill them and there were witnesses that you had done it,you were basically assured of being killed.It's very much down to mob justice out there - they would definitely come after you if you had been responsible!

One hard part was seeing the huge rubbish piles at the sides of the road,the smell was one thing but then to witness people crawling over the top of them in search of food was something that will be imprinted in my mind forever.