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Monday, July 23, 2007

Back in my 'home-land'! - 1st stop Sydney!

Awww, I just spent 3 weeks in Australia and it was awesome! I miss it there so much and really felt like I was home again when I got there. I'm going to try and go through my trip over the next few posts...as we spent our first couple of days in Sydney I'll start there! We arrived at 5am Monday 2nd July and I was straight into action by meeting up with the lovely Jake for the day! Now Jake is one of the nicest guys you could possibly ever meet and we had the most fun day!We decided to go to the Aquarium and we had a lot of fun and saw some cool fish, seals, sharks, penguins etc. I even had to rescue him from a shark attack!(see pic!) It was an awesome way to start my holiday and I was very sad to say goodbye to him...had a wee sob when he left! Imagine crying on the first day of your holiday!ha ha!I'm not at all good at goodbyes!!!

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